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Award in Aquatic Safety and Basic Water Rescue


No of Credits

MQF level






Malta Further & Higher Education Authority

About the Course

To impart the necessary knowledge and skills necessary to assist during water rescue in a variety of situations besides serving as an introduction to open water lifeguarding

Target group:

  • The objective of the qualification is for those learners who want to learn basic water rescue skills.

  • The qualification provides learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills in water rescue scenarios

Course content

First aid and medical

• Spinal injury on land

• Oxygen administration, Resuscitation on adults, children

• Airway management including the use of artificial airways, suction

• Vital signs monitoring including the use of pulse oxemeter

• Drowning process

Swimming skills

• Crawl and breast stroke for lifesaving

• Entry skills and exits (shallow and deep water)

• Treading water

• Skin diving

Self‐rescue and water safety awareness

• HELP and HUDDLE positions

• Signaling for help and other forms of communications

• Removal of clothing

• Personal flotation devices

• Survival floating, action and equipment

Rescue skills and procedures to include:

• Rescue concepts

• Rescue from a shore

• Rescue from heights

Emergency planning / concepts

• Casualty recognition

• Defence and escape techniques

Use equipment:

• Rescue can (tow conscious/unconscious)

• Rescue tube (tow conscious/unconscious)

• Throw line

• Life ring

• Man overboard sling

Rescue situations:

• Panicked swimmer

• Non panicked swimmer

• Unconscious

• Submerged victim

• Spinal (including use of spine board)

M.S.T.S. is licensed by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority License no : 2019-007 as a Higher Education Institution

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