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Level 4 award in rescue from heights


No of Credits

MQF level





Malta Further& Higher Education Authority


About the Course

Entry requirements:

  • 18 years of age

  • Medical: fit to be able to climb ladders at least 4 stories height

  • Literacy and numeracy: be able to read and write well

Previous training:

  • Basic training in Fall arrest ideally at MQF level 3 or above

  • Basic course in first aid recommended

Course aim

To impart the necessary knowledge and skills necessary so that effective on-site rescue can be undertaken by co-workers.

The objective of the qualification is for personnel who work at heights to rescue a coworker by hauling and lowering, using an industrial rescue kit

Course contents:

  • Introduction

  • Back to basics, (revision of fall protection, fall arrest, anchors, principles, equipment , PPE etc)

  • Safety issues and considerations for rescue (to include Fall protection - maintain personal safety, Fall factors - types of injury sustained in a fall, PPE for rescue/casualties)

  • Rescue plan

  • Medical implications, trauma, suspension trauma etc, basic first aid recommendations)

  • Rescue Equipment

  • The rescue kit and its component parts

  • Preparation - Pre use checks,

  • The hauling system , the lowering system,

  • Care, maintenance, inspection, lifespan and disposal of the rescue kit

  • Carrying out a rescue:

  • Sequence of events for rescue

  • Rescue from energy absorbing lanyards,

  • Rescue from work-positioning lanyards when either in a standing position against a structure or in suspension,

  • Rescue from a mobile fall arrest device when using a vertical flexible anchorage line or SRL

  • General procedure for casualty recovery

Practical skills

  • Creating anchors (temporally)

  • Fall arrest, restraint and prevention

  • assembling the kit

  • rescue simulations

M.S.T.S. is licensed by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority License no : 2019-007 as a Higher Education Institution

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