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Award in personal fall arrest


No of Credits

MQF level





Malta Further& Higher Education Authority


About the Course

Work Safely at Heights course is designed for students who could be required to undertake routine procedures involving working at height. The course is designed to expose students who work at height to a broad range of height risk situations and to correctly implement a safe working procedure. The successful student will be competent to work at height using applicable fall protective equipment.

Main Learning outcomes

  • Understand the hierarchy of fall prevention

  • Understand how a PFA sytem works

  • Understand the principles, types of equipment and other requirements associated with working at heights

  • Be able to apply safe working practices

Course contents:

• Legislation and requirements . EU norms

• Fall protection plan, PPE

• Hierarchy of control

• Duty of care

• Safe work practices

• Task assessment

• Hazards and risk management

• Personal protective equipment (PPE)

• Tools and equipment to cover: such as full body harness, helmet, PFA system, SRL, mobile anchor, lifeline, rope grab, twin lanyard, suspension trauma straps, anchor beam, permanent and temporally anchors, industrial hooks and connectors

• Fall factors and ground clearance

• Shock absorbers and fall limiters

• Climb and work at height using lanyards and associated safety equipment.

• Visual inspections, cleaning of equipment


Creating temporally anchors

Setting up various types of personal fall arrest systems

Working in restrain

Using a work positioning lanyard

Donning and doffing of PPE

M.S.T.S. is licensed by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority License no : 2019-007 as a Higher Education Institution

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