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Award in bleeding management


No of Credits

MQF level





Malta Further & Higher Education Authority


About the Course

Target group:

Workers , first aiders, general public who want to acquire skills, knowledge and expertise on how to manage bleeding in the event of an emergency.

Course content:

  • MARCH algorithm

  • Internal bleeding,

  • Junctional bleeding

  • Bleeding form extremities

  • Major trauma eg eviscerations

  • Chest injuries to include sucking chest wound, flail chest, tension pneumothorax

  • Commercial tourniquets, pressure bandages , hemostatic dressings to control massive bleeding

  • Facial trauma, including maintaining patent airway

  • Use of vented chest seals

  • Improvisation

  • Traumatic injuries to limbs, torso and head

  • Bleeding control kits, wound packing and pressure bandages

Course includes theory and practice

M.S.T.S. is licensed by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority License no : 2019-007 as a Higher Education Institution

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