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Award in Education and Training (Train the trainer)


No of Credits

MQF level





Accreditation:  Malta Further & Higher Education Authority


About the Course

The purpose of this qualification is to develop the Learner’s skills and knowledge needed to prepare them for employment in an education and training setting. This qualification will enable individuals to learn how to teach others, especially adults. It is essential for human resources staff that are responsible for training in companies.

Target group:

  • This qualification provides an introduction to teaching for individuals who would like to work or currently work in the further education and skills sector.

  • Individuals not currently teaching or training – achievement of the qualification does not require practice other than microteaching

  • Individuals currently teaching and training, including those new to the profession – although the qualification does not require practice opportunities may be made available to observe and provide feedback on a trainee teacher’s practice

  • Individuals currently working as Assessors who want to achieve a qualification that provides an introduction to teaching

Entry requirements:

Learners must be at least 17 years old on the first day of the training.

There are no other formal entry requirements but to benefit from the learning

we advise that Learners consider a subject for delivery and hold the relevant

qualifications and/or experience in their chosen area of expertise to be able to

deliver it.

It is recommended all learners undertake an initial assessment. We advise that

Learners have a minimum of Level 2 in English, mathematics and ICT or

equivalent. If Learners do not meet this requirement they must record their

development needs and agree an action plan to address them.

Overall course objectives:


• Be conversant with various teaching and learning methods

• Be acquainted with different teaching methods

• Be acquainted with the various types of chest seals present on the market

• Be conversant with the company’s emergency response plan

• Acquire the knowledge to improvise equipment

• Learn how maintain an equipment log book

• Learn how to communicate with other members of the work force on site

• Be conversant with the hierarchy of controls while dealing with life threating emergencies

• Understand the limitations imposed by availability of equipment available / human resources


• Carry out assessment

• Deal with different teaching scenarios

• Proceed to instruct others

• Proceed to devise scheme of works, lesson plans and teaching resources

• Recognize the need to create and inclusive environment

• Identify learners needs

• Identify the consequences of using ineffective assessment methods

• Identify best teaching method for the class at hand

• Proceed to provide feedback and positive reinforcement to students

• Assess suitability of teaching methods adopted

• To further ones knowledge in education and training

• To furthers ones knowledge on the use of various teaching resources

•To develop the use of relevant information and further knowledge

in practical skills when providing instruction to learners


• Be responsible to prepare a lesson plan

• Deliver an inclusive lesson

• Deliver feedback to learners

• Prepare and maintain assessment records

• Prepare a scheme of work

• Use various teaching resources

• Create a conductive environment for teaching a learning to take place

• Cather for individual needs

M.S.T.S. is licensed by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority License no : 2019-007 as a Higher Education Institution

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